Haghish, E. F. (2014). Applied Statistics Using Stata.

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I am a researcher in the Center for Medical Biometry and Medical Informatics (IMBI) in University of Freiburg and a lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Southern Denmark. My research and academic interests are teaching statistics, statistical programming, reproducible research, and computational statistics. I also have a big tendency for collaborating in social science research, partly because I strongly believe mathematics and philosophy are twin siblings!

The website's twitter account

Twitter Updates My Twitter account is totally dedicated to this website!
I have been posting all the notable updates, including new posts and package updates on Twitter.

Archive of Stata user-written packages

Stata ado archive The archive of Stata user-written packages is currently under development to help Stata users search through all available Stata packages, search the descriptions, and view the source code of the ado-files with a mouse click. Read more about the project aims...

Stata Programming Tutorials

Stata ado archive There are plenty of resources and courses for learning Stata programming. But most of the materials only cover the basics and leave the main duty of the programmer which is problem solving on the students' shoulders. In a series of article, starting from beginner-level programming, I will walk you through "serious" programs which are published on SSC server. I will comment the procedure line by line to help Stata programming learners to conceptualize the algorithm and the procedure of each program.

Mobile website

Visit The Mobile HomepageThe Mobile Website is Online. You can browse through the whole website with smartphone and tablet. This was a bit of PHP programming! The mobile version of the website is lighter and cleaner. However, to improve readability, some of the additional features have been disabled. for example the code boxes /* do not show the comments */ in the mobile version to reduce the line size. Furthermore, the forum was not made available in the mobile version for a similar reason. read more here...

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