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Updated on April 20th 2015

About CodeMap

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CodeMap is a MacOS application that visualizes statistics analysis codes and packages, allowing the users to make sense of a large number of code files. The current version of the software supports Stata language.

E. F. Haghish
Center for Medical Biometry and Medical Informatics
University of Freiburg, Germany
Twitter: @Haghish

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Imagine you are the reviewer of a journal and you want to read the analysis codes of a paper to make sure the analysis is done correctly. Or you wish to cooperate in a project when already several code files have been written to prepare the data, run several analyses and create a dynamic document. In addition, user-written statistical packages which provide additional methods available for a particular software, also need to be read and evaluated and they are often consist of several connected files and functions/programs in each file. In such a setting, reviewing a large package or analysis would be extremely time consuming, because it is not clear that where you should start and how these bunch of files that are placed in a directory interact with one another. You will only make sense of the files, after you read and memorize them all and draw the relation between the functions and the files manually.

This is particularly true for the statistical packages because a package, in contrast to an analysis project, is not a straight-forward hierarchy of files. But reading a project analysis codes (not a package) is relatively easier than a package because the codes sourced based on a common procedure with a hierarchical structure. For example, an analysis project is very much likely to begin with a "Main" or "Master" file that sources all the other code files in it and create a longitudinal sense of the analysis process. Such a Master file might begin with a calling a code file that clean the data, following with a code file that creates descriptive/explorative tables, followed by the analysis, and finally a number of code files that create the dynamic analysis document. Still, as the number of files in a project increases, reading these codes become a hassle.

CodeMap is a Macintosh application that reveals the relation between statistical code files and functions. It also reveals the relation between the Functions/Programs (Stata provides Programs instead of functions). It also provide a Code Reader that allows you to read the codes of a large analysis project or a package in a logical way, based on the hierarchical relation of the functions and the files.


CodeMap can be useful for

  • Reading a large number of analysis code fules
  • Reading a statistical package
  • Visualizing the relation between files and functions in a project or a package
  • Keeping track of different projects and packages in one application

Not only a programming expert or a journal reviewer, but also anyone who deals with a number of related codes files will find the software useful and handy.


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